About Us

It all began as a dream in 2005, having been bitten by the adventure bug we found ourselves wading through serene backwaters, shovelling snow to climb up the Himalayas and revving our bikes through the Western Ghats every time we found an opportunity. Having explored the thrill of adventure we realised it’s therapeutic side, the appreciation for nature it develops and the pleasure of keeping at it. But soon, we also realised how inaccessible it is to most people who’d love to indulge in it- and hence began our journey of catering to the need of adventure lovers.

What began as a dream of two shaped up to be much more with support from fellow adventurers and we have built a team passionate and professional. We hire people from a rural background, train them with international standards and try our best to fill the gap and make adventure accessible to all, irrespective of their age, sex, location or interests. We truly believe adventure is for all and would love you to experience it with us.


Come be a part of this amazing family